Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What does life after death really mean?

The Love of Souls by Jean Delville (1867-1953). Via decadenthandbook

On the one hand, the evidence for continuity of personality is, in my opinion, very strong; thousands of mediumistic communications attest to it, and I find many of these communications persuasive. On the other hand, who wants to survive as a bundle of quirks and worries and petty grudges? Wouldn't it be hell to be trapped with your chattering "ego-mind" forever? Sweet oblivion would be preferable.
From the wheat and the chaff, an excellent blog post from Michael Prescott.

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"For, as Freud has shown, we remember (in the main) what we wish to remember, and forget what is painful. There is thus great danger of deception as to the "facts" of the case; but our memories indicate with uncanny accuracy what is our true will. And, as above made manifest, it is this true will which shows the nature of our proper motion." -The Confessions of Aleister Crowley