Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"In Her name." Original painting by Soror Phineas. Digital. January 2010.

found text 2

"[name redacted] - will you please stop replying to yourself? It's dishonest. We all know that both you [and name redacted] are the same poster. I've told you once before (when you were pretending to be your wife, and you deceased), that your writing style is rather too distinctive to get away with this sort of deception, and it is no doubt feeding your continuing delusions of grandeur also.

Are you an A.:A.: master this week, or a dragon lord fighting level 3 demons and destroying covens? Whatever the latest salve to your ego is, it's nothing to do with Sunshine, and you're hardly qualified to tell other magickians about the adorations."

Friday, January 1, 2010


What you must not do is react.

Basically there will not be disclosure.
Surely you've heard all the theories about TPTB fooling us into leaving the planet 
and then disposing of us.

I doubt that I can contact the ETs directly.
The best minds believe they don't exist.

Original poem, in the "cut-up" style of the Beats. 2009.


I've heard before that SETI isn't a reputable organization. 
They are monsters.
They are ugly. 
Come on, infinite probabilities people! 
This earth alone demonstrates an array of lifeforms,  
That all seem alien to one another.

Original poem, written in the "cut-up" style of the Beats. 2009.