Sunday, June 22, 2008

Upcoming Talk

For all Galloway readers:
You are formally invited to an upcoming talk at the Harvard Divinity School, 45 Francis Ave., Cambridge Mass. on Friday July 4th, Independence Day at 8pm. Mr. John Nihil will represent the perspective of the writer Jean Paul Sartre, and Mr. Dick Romance will define the Rousseauian view of the world in a talk entitled, 'Photocopiers: Friend or Foe?" Both speakers are well known for their ongoing debate of which philosophical school of thought should rule the modern workplace: a deep sense of anomie, emptiness, a giant blank universe? or a largesse view of an embracable, loving, heart felt universe? Or is there a third animal that has not yet been considered that posits neither the extreme of nihilism nor eternalism? Both men have extrapolated their research from a longitudinal 20 year study of workers' relationship to copy paper. Should it be out on a table or in a drawer? Should it be in an orderly display or in chaotic confusion? Do you hate the paper? Do you love the paper? Is it essentially blank, or does it have inherent characteristics? You decide by listening to this lively debate by two of the foremost paper philosophers known today! A polite question and answer session will follow the talk. Food will be served on paper plates. RSVP. Please consider inviting co workers to this obscure yet important niche of knowledge.

Submitted by M. Silva, agent-on-remote.

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