Saturday, February 28, 2009

THE CHRONIC is back.

A brief contact with old school chums via Facebook prompted a lengthy hospitalization. But we're better now.

Only 1,392 shopping days till December 21, 2012!

The Chronic Staff


jj said...

I am all screwy right now, right?
I mean I have been following this Mayan shit for years, know it inside and out. Problem is, I do all my Xmas shopping right after Thanksgiving, cause like you know everyone knows, the prices are more cheap then. Problem is, what the fuck do I do in 2012???? Shop after Thanksgiving, or don't shop, and just assume 2012 won't have an Xmas like it always did before???

jj said...

P.S. sorry about the Facebook hospital shit. Your post sounded okay so I'm assuming no electro shock.I heard Tsarion thinks the only way to tame the Reptilians is with electro shock and a special kind of lobotomy where you go right above the eyes into the brain with a guitar pick.