Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"The three stages of the neurosomatic circuit - 13. Hippy, 14. Yogi, 15. Tantric - are body-oriented and involve a deliberate symbol-stupidity. It is understandable that the five-brained person reacts against the insectoid-cyborg materialism of larval technology, the scientism that produces plastic consumerism, military-industrialism, assembly-line anonomie, and polluted over-population. But the rejection of scientific inquiry becomes a know-nothing smugness. Occultists become long-haired rednecks."-Timothy Leary

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jj said...

I study occult and I don't have long hair. And Dr. Tim Leary there is not a human being on this earth who has five brains. So he musta been doin' some heavy acid when he wrote this crap. I got one brain, and one ass, so write about that so called Dr. Tim, trippin' so much sees 5 brains. Last I looked, no larva, no crabs either.