Sunday, April 27, 2008

There's dark, and then there's this.

After noting the CIA's well-documented previous interest in black magic, ce399 writes:

Perhaps the weaponization of demonolotry is arrived at through some form of holographic or virtual reality (a technology long-suppressed by the Pentagon) 'cage', in which the target is enclosed in a three-dimensional 'grid' or prison capable of remote manipulations of psychical and/or physical and mental functions. In this way, the subject is deceived into believing s/he has come into contact with demonic entities.

Similarly, it is not far fetched to imagine a type of electro-magnetic 'gulag' or 'grid' surrounding an entire nation state in prison camp-like fashion: with sonic projection, psychotronic, brain scanning technologies, psycho-acoustic correction, active-denial, synthetic telepathy and other remote electronic harassment systems serving a function similar to prison security search lights, guard towers, prison dogs and security personnel.

Mmm, wouldn't put it past 'em. (Though some people would probably want to be in there voluntarily. But that don't make it right, now.)

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