Friday, May 9, 2008

Top this advice, Ann Landers.

Have a "room of one's own"--a space in which to "breathe."

Find outcast communities and acquire outsider philosophies that support your belief in personal power.

Channel creative energy through some form of artistic expression.

Operate in a metaphoric universe in which you can transfer ideas from one realm to another.

Believe you can influence events (i.e., "create your own reality").

Name your most valued qualities as your own source of power (i.e., through a magical name).

Make choices: both affirm and set boundaries.

Face problems as creative challenges, allowing for paradox, to create "uniquely fitting situations."

Be self-conscious and self-reflecting, using astrology, tools of divination, and metaphysical models of existence.

Allow for inner diversity, and sidestep or return projections using methods of psychic protection.

Periodically center and renew your connection with Spirit through cyclic and seasonal rituals, initiations, and rites of passage.

Use will, imagination and desire (i.e., magick) to transcend the limits of normal experience.

From Mary K. Greer's Women of the Golden Dawn, via Boudicca's Bard.

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