Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Smack! Down! Dion Fortune Style.

SOA* 2008 winner Annie Besant with her proposed
World Teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti, and handbag.

We were just on our way up to Chesed ourselves when we came across this passage in The Mystical Qabalah:

19. It is to the Sphere of Chesed that the exalted consciousness of the adept rises in his occult meditations; it is here that he receives the inspirations which he works out on the planes of form. It is here that he meets the Masters as spiritual influences contacted telepathically, without any intermingling of personality. This is the true, and the highest, mode of contact with the Masters, contact with them as mind to mind in their own sphere of exalted consciousness. When the Masters are seen clairvoyantly as robed beings, the colours of whose robes indicate their ray, they are being perceived reflected into the sphere of Yesod, which is the kingdom of phantasms and hallucinations. We are treading on precarious ground when we have to meet the Masters here. It is here that the anthropomorphic form is given to the spiritual inspiration which so misleads those psychics who cannot rise to Chesed. It is thus that the announcement of a spiritual impulse flowing out upon the world gets interpreted as the coming of a World Teacher.

Oh yes. She did.

"Team Annie" and "Team Dion" shirts are currently being printed.


Dean Wilson said...

Give me a Team Dion shirt. I'll bring the popcorn ;)


hijinks said...

Can I have a Krishnamurti shirt? And on the back will you write, "I got all the way to Chesed, and all I got was this lousy shirt..."?

T.G.C. said...

I really may make these now...