Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Advice Both Sanguine and Saturnine, From The Wobbly Writing Desk of Magician John Dee

Our Master, as he looked on vacation recently at Martha's Vineyard

The Galloway Chronicles
is proud to announce that it is the only 'genuinely contacted' blog in the occult blogosphere at present.

While the name of our hidden Master has previously been a secret we guarded closely against our paisley vestments, we have decided -- in honor of the upcoming American Fourth of July holiday -- to reveal his identity.

Mr. Dee has been kind enough to take questions from either of the readers of The Galloway Chronicles, and will continue to do so until he finds the practice tiresome, and vanishes.

Questions for Mr. Dee may be placed in the comments section, as appropriate, or mailed discreetly to ask john dee at gmail dot com (no spaces).


hijinks said...

My dearest,profound Mr.Dee,
I am embarrassed to ask you, but my philosopher's stone has a crack in it. Any advice? I hope your stay on the Vineyard was invigorating.

John Dee said...

Cut that in Three, which Nature hath made One,
Then strengthen hyt, even by it self alone,
Wherewith then Cutte the poudred Sonne in twayne,
By length of tyme, and heale the woonde againe.
The self same Sunne twys yet more, ye must wounde,
Still with new Knives, of the same kinde, and grounde;
Our Monas trewe thus use by natures Law,
Both binde and lewse, only with rype and rawe,
And ay thanke God who only is our Guyde,
All is ynugh, no more then at this Tyde.

Dean Wilson said...

Mishkan ha-Echad objects to this claim, for Mishkan ha-Echad has lineage going all the way back to the Altanteans. References to Mishkan ha-Echad can be found in many texts of antiquity, such as the Book of Less Wobbly Writng, dated 180CE:

"The clouds parted and we did see the future, where the blogosphre boometh and the Mishkan ha-Echad, being the only true and authentic blog, fightest a battle of great magnitude against the imposter Galloway Chronicles."

As you can clearly see, hard evidence.


hijinks said...

uhhhh, gee Docta Dee, I was thinking of just using duct tape.....

T.G.C. said...

Did you know that the word "logos" actually translates from Greek into English as "The Galloway Chronicles"? The name of this blog is also encoded multiple times in the more distant and infinite decimal places of pi. Yes, that's how deep this blog goes. Plus, as you can see, we have the only advice column by John Dee on the Internet, which should count for something.

The Atlanteans are new kids on the block, so far as "the Chronic" (as The Galloway Chronicles is known on the street) is concerned. But we welcome Mishkan ha-Echad to the fold. It is, in our opinion, the second-best occult blog on the Internet, after ourselves, no matter how late they arrived to the party.