Wednesday, July 9, 2008

VAMPIRES: They're Not Just For Romanian Peasants Anymore

Normally The Galloway Chronicles does not traffic in such lowbrow occult fare as "vampires" or "cryptozoology," preferring to keep our privileged knowledge of these phenomena to ourselves. But, in a rare move, we are asking for our readers' help in identifying the grotesque creature who appears briefly and mysteriously at the end of this obscure video.

Even at the level of unquestionable adept-itude our editors have achieved, some aspects of the occult do continue to puzzle us here at The Galloway Chronicles. For instance: why does this video feel like it's running at 33rpm? We are out of ether here at the Chronicles offices, so we're sure it's not us. Qui sabe?

Kindly submitted to us by M. Silva, our agent-on-remote.


Mary Anne said...

I don't have the energy to watch the whole thing. It reminds me of a conversation I once had with a fellow who has Asbergers. I had to skip to the end.

Anonymous said...