Friday, July 18, 2008

MacGregor Mathers as a comic book character.

macgregor mathers, originally uploaded by flameape.

Long overdue. And brilliantly drawn.

Edited to add: Our agent-on-remote informs us that genealogical research is ongoing into whether MacGregor (progenitor of our spiritual heritage) is related to Marshall (minor poet).


flameape said...

Thank you for the review. This project is long (too long as we artists make everything go too long) in the making and will be worth the wait when its ready to be seen. Although Mathers is a minor character in the series called "HOLLIDAY" (spelling is a clue)- he and the other historical personas that the hero encounters are vitally important to the story and the tone. I have considered that a graphic novel about Mathers would be compelling as well- I hope I can be the one to do it. Terrific blog, BTW. Peace.

T.G.C. said...

The whole history of the Golden Dawn is ripe for adaptation into, graphic novel, and so on. It's a great story.

Thanks for the compliment. You honor me by stopping by.