Sunday, July 20, 2008

Galloway Chronicles Now Accepting Nominations for 2008 Sexiest Occultist Alive*

2007's winner Manly P. Hall

This annual contest, normally held exclusively on the astral plane, has been moved to the blogosphere per orders of Dr. Dee, who is trying to make room on his back lawn for events of what he calls "greater occult significance."

This is probably the most important beauty contest since the judgement of Paris, so think carefully about who you nominate. We don't want just a million nominations for Michael Tsarion and nothing else, okay? That would make it very boring.

* or dead


Dean Wilson said...

Can we vote for ourselves? I think Mathers and Crowley would have :P

Hall has some eyelashes!


hijinks said...

Not to give away the holy of holy inner chamber whisperings of the female secret order, but Hall has clearly enhanced his eyelashes with mascara...can I simply nominate the Magna Mater, just cause she so has it goin' onnnnnn. Also, can we nominate masked members doing mystery rites? or does that fall into the 'best costume' category? Can we nominate Siberian shamans who are in their animal aspect, or does that fall into 'favorite pet' category?

T.G.C. said...

One may absolutely vote for oneself. As you point out, self-promotion is a long-standing occult tradition and we should hardly think of breaking it now.

Good eyelashes = +1 in the contest. At least, that's how I think Dr. Dee is viewing it.

Psyche said... officially nominates Kara Rae Garland for the title of Sexiest Occultist Alive (or dead).

Nomination posted here:

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I nominate the fierce and fabulous Mech_Angel (on Live Journal) for Sexiest Occultist Alive. She's an amazing artist and her occult ideas always amaze me.
(especially her Qliphothic tree of life drawings...ooh!)

So yes, that's ultra sexy.

Goetia Magick ™ said...


I'd like to vote for Voxx The Psychic (aka Voxx 418) for the title of the Sexiest Occultist Alive 2008. She's not only one of the world's few Goetia experts, but a great teacher as well. Anyone who's seen or heard her will no doubt agree. Besides, she's a distant cousin of Uncle Al himself. That's my 93 cents.

All the very Beast,

mech_angel said...

Nominating this man, Damien, known as Wolven over on LJ. He looks really good in a suit, has completed a philosophy grad degree, and weaves some of the most kickass off-the-cuff magicks with little more than a coffee shop napkin and pen, or booze and fire.

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate Rodney Orpheus, devil-worshiping atheist rock star occultist extraordinaire.
Ok, so I'm a little biased but this is pretty sexy to my mind:

Anonymous said...

Seconded on

lj user sannion
lj user mech_angel

Both are sexy and smart and sexy and also creative and also sexy.


ericisrad said...

I nominate Patrick Dunn.

And also, I think Sexy Eyelashes actually = +1= +10, just for the record.